How many times did you say yourself it was time to learn another language? For many reasons you have always procrastinated: I have no time, I am too old, now there are other priorities in my life.

Well, if you are finally ready to start this new trip, I have listed in this article 5 reasons for learning Italian.

Have you always dreamed of learning a second language but you weren’t sure on which to focus? Do you think your life can benefit from coming into contact with cultures different from yours? Well, the time has finally come to realize this ambitious project. And here, in this article, you will find 5 reasons that will let you understand Italian could be the right language for you.

1. Rediscover your roots

Italians have been a population of emigrants.  Many have moved all around the world to seek their fortune and live a better life than the one they could have in Italy, especially after the war.The evidence of this phenomenon is provided by the copious Italian communities living in Australia, Brazil, the United States, and in many other countries…

In fact, most of my students have Italian blood and through our classes, they try to rediscover their origins. In this regard, I would like to mention what my very first student, to whom I am very fond, of said: “Italian is like a fire burning inside and this is the reason why I have to study this language and take care of it!”

So if you hear something pushing you towards Italian it is very likely that there is a little bit of Italy in your veins too!

2. Art and history

Useless to deny it, art speaks Italian. Whether it is, cinema, music, cuisine, fashion or design, Italy and Italian are the masters and if you love art in toto, Italian is undoubtedly the right language for you. Think about the satisfaction that you could experience looking at one of the Italian cinema’s masterpieces without subtitles, or doing one of the fantastic food and wine tours organized throughout the peninsula, without having to worry about the language.

Furthermore, if you are passionate about history and ancient languages, I suggest you learning Italian because, of all the Romance languages, it is the closest to Latin.

3. Business

It will be taken for granted but when we talk about Made in Italy, we think immediately about high quality and Italian excellence, recognized all around the world.

From design to food and wine, from fashion to the automotive sector, Italy is and remains the undisputed leader. And this is a fact despite Italians have the bad habit of complaining often and do not believe in them.

And don’t forget, Italy is a member of the G7, this means that it is part of the group of countries with the largest economy in the world.

So, follow my advice and learn Italian!

4. An easy language

Italian language is characterized by a strong correspondence between phonemes and graphemes. In practice, we say that you can read Italian in the same way you write it. This is the reason why Italian looks easier than other languages, such as English, in which there are many sounds not pronounced.

Furthermore, Italian has the Latin root in common with the other Romance languages. It means Italian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Romanian and other minor languages ​​have similarities. And obviously, people who speak a Romance language will learn the others more ease. A practical example? Spanish and Italian: their similarity is so strong so much so that the speakers ​​can easily understand each other even though they never studied these languages.

If you are a native English speaker or speak English fluently, pay attention to what I am going to tell you. It might be of particular interesting for you: many English words have Latin origins, it means many English words are similar to Italian. Don’t you believe it? Here are some examples:

  • Esempio = Example
  • Introduzione = Introduction
  • Melodia = Melody
  • Cospicuo = Conspicuous
  • Oscurità = Obscurity

These are just a few words, but knowing this you can quickly increase your vocabulary!

5. A beautiful language

Why must there necessarily be a rational reason to learn a language? I think that just knowing that we are studying a beautiful language (or a discipline that we like) is an excellent reason to commit ourselves and achieve the goals we have set.

So if you, like some of my students, think that Italian is the most beautiful and musical language in the world, don’t wait any longer and start talking Italian, the idiom that Thomas Mann used to call “the language of angels!”

If you agree with these 5 reasons for learning Italian, do not hesitate any longer… Start here!

Read this article in Italian!

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