How was born the book Zona e il mondo degli zicchini? Surrounding myself with positive and inspiring people and trying to face new challenges. Are you curious? Read the following article.

It’s important to be surrounded by positive people

The things I often tell myself are: work hard, stay positive and keep doing what you like! But another important thing for me is to be surrounded by people full of life, who try to improve themselves every day and who can be an example for me.

Today many of these people are represented by my students, but a few years ago, when I wrote this book with my sister, I met my German teacher Gina Sorace, at least once a week. She is not only a language teacher but also a writer and an indefatigable polyglot.

The right people can inspire you!

Needless to say, this incredible person with this thirst for knowledge was an inspiration to me. After getting to know her, my sister and I said to each other: “If we live in the same area we have the same possibilities as her, so why don’t we try writing something?”. And this is how our book was born, by a simple question.

We decided on the subject right away: a fantastic story, set in an enchanted world created for children.

The story gradually took shape. During long summer walks, we jot down a lot of ideas, some of which seemed rather stupid, and some others were much more original and usable. It was a long journey but also very fun, during which we tried something new that we had never done before.

The file Zona e il mondo degli zicchini

After writing this story, we didn’t talk about it for at least two years, until I found the file Zona e il mondo degli zicchini on my computer.

I read it and I got hooked on this story again. While I read, I wondered, “What will happen now? Why did I write this and not this other sentence?”. And even more, I wondered what we had drunk to give life to such a story, just as if someone else had written it.

The book’s publication

There are many reasons why we decided to publish this story: because it made us smile and move, it has catapulted us into a world that does not exist perceiving its colors and scents. Even though we will never win an important award, we decided to share our creation because it is a beautiful story that you can read in one breath, and it makes us children again.

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