In this article called Learning Italian with movies: subtitles yes, subtitles no, I am going to talk about watching movies and tv series in Italian, focusing on subtitles. Is it better to use the subtitles or not? And in case you decide to use them, which language should you set? Your native language or your target language? Well, keep reading this article (or listen to it) because I replied to all these questions for you!

To combine business with pleasure

How many of you enjoy watching movies and TV series? How many of you would like to watch films in Italian? Did you tried, but despite your efforts, you were not able to understand so much, or you didn’t even try to undertake this task?

If you are passionate about cinema, watching movies in Italian, or in any language you are learning, it could be the perfect way to combine business with pleasure, practice your language skills, and enjoy an activity you like.

As I already mentioned in my article Watching Italian movies, the choice between films or TV series is something personal that depends only on you. In general, a part of you will prefer TV series, to which you can get passionate day after day, becoming in tune with the characters and identifying with them; others, on the other hand, will prefer to see a movie that it’s their thing, of which they can soon know the ending.

In the last few days, I thought about this, and I realized that it is a personal choice. If a couple of years ago, I would choose a TV series now, I have no longer the patience and the constancy for watching so many episodes of the same series, and I prefer to spend an hour and a half or two watching a movie from beginning to end.

If you have already reached an advanced level, try to listen to the movies without subtitles. I know very well that doing this, especially at the beginning, will not be easy; but in this way, the Italian sounds will become more and more familiar, and you will gradually focus more and more on them.
If after this test, you realize that what you can understand is almost zero, don’t panic: you can always take a step back and use the subtitles again. When you feel a little more confident and ready to get the next level, you can definitely eliminate them.

Two more tips

I want to give you two more tips. First of all don’t be hasty, respect your times, and you will see that the results will come. And second, choose movies or TV series you have already watched in your native language or in a language you know well. In this way, you will be aware of the plot and you will immerse more easily yourself in what you are seeing and listening to.

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