The verb Fare is an Italian verb very common. It is a verb always present during our conversations, and many of our phrases and expressions use it. It can be considered a wildcard in Italian, and this is the reason why I decided to write an article with daily actions and expressions divided into three main groups. Ready to discover more?

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The Italian language students know how much is important and versatile the verb Fare. In our language, it is a real wild card. Fare can be used when we suddenly get stuck or when the verb we are looking for is right there, on the tip of the tongue, but unfortunately, we can’t recall it.

Because of its versatility, I decided to write 30 sentences with the verb Fare dividing them into 3 main groups: daily actions, actions at work, actions during free time.

If you don’t know yet these sentences and expressions, I suggest you to memorize them!
Ready for all these expressions? Then let’s get started!

Sentences with the verb to do: daily actions

Here there are a series of daily actions, actions that we carry out every day, and some of these even several times a day.

  • Fare la doccia, fare il bagno = to take a shower, to take a bath
  • Farsi la barba = to shave
  • Fare colazione = to eat breakfast
  • Fare da mangiare = to make some food
  • Fare il letto = to make the bed
  • Fare i piatti = to do the dishes
  • Fare la lavatrice, fare la lavastoviglie = to do the laundry, to load the dishwasher
  • Fare i compiti = to do the homework
  • Fare i capricci = to throw a tantrum
  • Fare un servizio = to run an errand

Sentences with the verb do: actions at work

Here some expressions could be useful for you at work, especially if you live in Italy or use Italian when you work.

  • Fare una riunione = to have a meeting
  • Fare un viaggio di lavoro = to take a business trip
  • Fare il proprio dovere = to do their job
  • Fare bella figura, fare brutta figura = to make a good or bad impression
  • Fare un favore = to do a favor
  • Avere da fare = to be busy
  • Fare una sfuriata = to rant about someone
  • Fare strada = to succed, to climb the ladder
  • Farsi da solo = to succed without the help of anyone (relying on your own forces)
  • Farsi un nome = to become important in your field

Sentences with the verb fare: actions during free time

Finally, here there are some expressions you could use when you are not busy at work, and you have some time to dedicate to yourself.

  • Fare un giro, una passeggiata = to go a walk, a stroll
  • Fare un pisolino = to take a nap
  • Fare due chiacchiere, fare quattro chiacchiere = to chat
  • Fare la spesa = to go grocery shopping
  • Fare shopping = to go shopping
  • Fare un dolce = to make a cake
  • Fare un salto da qualcuno = to go at your friend’s place for a quick hello
  • Fare festa = to party, but also used when you don’t go for any reason to school or to work.
  • Fare tardi = to be late, or come back home late
  • Fare le ore piccole = to sleep just a few hours


This long list of actions and expressions makes you easily understand how the verb Fare is common in Italian and how much it is used. I had to make a selection choosing only 30 expressions with the verb fare, but I can guarantee you that this list could easily get longer.

For this reason, I want to ask you, are you able to tell me other Italian expressions with Fare? Write them in the comments, I can’t wait to read them.

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