Dantedì (which means Dante’s day) is a day that has been established on March 25th, starting from this year. It will be a day dedicated to Dante Alighieri, one of the most important Italian poets, well known even in the rest of the word. If you want to discover more about this day, keep reading!

Dante’s day

Dante. A name is enough so that the whole world understands who we are talking about. Dante is the poet par excellence, a cornerstone of Italian culture, read and studied not only by professionals but also by all students of the peninsula.

And here to celebrate this immense character, a day dedicated to him was established, starting right from this year. In fact, on March 25 of each year, we will celebrate the Dantedì, which means Dante’s day.

This initiative has received the approval of many institutions aimed at studying and protecting the Italian language, including the famous Accademia Della Crusca and the Società Dante Alighieri.

Why was exactly the March 25th was chosen?

The choice is not accidental as, for many scholars, this would be the date on which the journey to the afterlife would begin, in his famous Divine Comedy.

Dantedì will be a day aimed at rediscovering, if it were necessary, the value of the work of the great poet, with cultural initiatives and events throughout Italy. On the other hand, as Minister Franceschini said “Dante is the unity of the country”, and I would add well before the unification of Italy, “Dante is the Italian language, Dante is the very idea of Italy”.

N.B. Because of coronavirus all the initiatives will be online!

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