In this article, I will share with you some ideas to organize themed nights even if you are the only one that is interested in the Italian language. Ready to discover more?

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After having already talked about how to create a daily routine, to insert Italian into your life, I want to talk about how to create events. For example, special evenings with a specific theme, in our case Italy and Italian.

Such advice could be useful to those people who do not have the opportunity to live in this country, and to practice daily. Actually, this idea was born talking to a student of mine, who lives and works here in Italy. Unfortunately, she cannot speak Italian as much as she would like, because of her job, which leads her to use foreign languages, and family, who speaks English.

If you are experiencing the same difficulties practicing a language, keep reading because wherever you live, and whatever is the language you are learning, you will find ideas and suggestions on how to create a themed evening.

How to create an Italian themed evening

It may seem trivial, but food for us is fundamental. Food is joy, conviviality, sharing. So, your event cannot lie outside the preparation of a lunch or dinner, based on typical Italian dishes.

Add to these good wine and Italian music in the background to create the right atmosphere, and you’re done! You will feel for a few hours in our beautiful country.

But what is still missing? A good conversation in Italian and hopefully the use of the language for the whole evening!

Speaking Italian: the goal of the themed evening

At this point, you might ask me: “Who should I talk with? Where can I find someone willing to attend my event?”. If you are learning Italian, there is a good reason, and in the vast majority of cases, these reasons are:

1. You work in Italy and you need to learn the language. This means that you have Italian colleagues or colleagues who at least speak a little Italian.

2. Your partner is Italian and you think it’s nice learning this language in order to communicate with his/her family.
If you are learning Dante’s language for these reasons, everything is easier: you already have people to involve, all you have to do is invite them.

What if you don’t fall into these two categories?

If you just love this language and country, you may have already attended Italian courses and met people who share your passion.
So, why don’t you send a message to two, three people who took the course with you? You could practice together and perhaps re-establish the relationships faded over time.

If you don’t even recognize yourself in this third example, because you are self-taught, you have not attended any course, and you don’t know anyone interested in Italian as much as you, don’t worry.
You too can enjoy an Italian evening, but in this case, you have to be a little more imaginative. Invite your friends, those ready to make new experiences, and explain your plan to them.

Ask them to try their hand at Italian, to try to formulate sentences in this language with the help of dictionaries and translators. In this way everybody will learn something new and who knows, maybe at the end of the evening, your friends will be as passionate about this language as you are!  Remember, even if your friends are available to take part in the event, it is likely that often, they will speak their native language. But you stay calm and don’t do the same. Continue to use the Italian language, translating the sentences if necessary, so that the conversation can continue!


Themed evenings are events where you can share your passion with family and friends. They can become regular meetings, for instance once or twice a month. Through them, you can improve not only your language skills but also to expand your social network.

What do you think? Have you already organized or attended linguistic themed evenings? If you haven’t already it, do you think it is a good idea? Leave your comment, I will be happy to read it!

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