In the following article called If you want to learn love what you study, I am going to explain to you this sentence, talking in detail about it. If you think this is interesting to you, keep reading!

per imparare ama quello che studi

If you love what you do, you work harder, you are passionate, and the chance of success increases. This is a fact, and I am sure that each of us has lived experiences that stopped much earlier than expected, just because were not for us. How many of us quit a sport because we didn’t like it enough? Our enthusiasm waned, and day by day, we realized that our activity didn’t interest us enough, and, at that point, it was better to spend time and resources doing something else.

Well, to learn Italian or any other language, we need strong motivation, and we have to love what we study. Some guys write to me saying that they want to learn Italian to have an Italian girlfriend. Needless to say, having a foreign partner promotes language learning, because we want to communicate as much as possible, we want to talk to that person.
The motivation, in this case, will be so strong that despite the difficulties of the language, we will be able to overcome them brilliantly. After all… As the saying goes: L’amore muove il mondo!

But what to do if we are not interested in any native speakers? What if no foreigner made us fall in love? Or what if we are happily engaged with someone who was born and raised in our own nation?

Don’t despair! There are many forms of love, and this love can be addressed not only to people but also to things or situations. Have you ever fallen in love with a TV series? For example, when I started learning English, I was crazy about two TV series, in particular How I met your mother and The big bang theory. I have seen these TV shows many times, in Italian first and in English later. Slowly, step by step
step by step, episode after episode, I began to understand what they said.

Obviously, knowing the plot helped me out. But, it is undeniable, with time I noticed the improvement, and I started to understand the dialogues despite the characters in both series spoke quickly.

Another thing you could fall in love with is books. Just a few days ago, for example, a student of mine asked me what she could read in Italian. I could not help but answer with another question, asking her if she had a book or a favorite literary genre. She enthusiastically told me about a French book she loved, and that she read all in one breath. Guess what? I told her to look for that book in Italian.

Why? Because if you love something you keep on doing it, you keep trying until you succeed. If you don’t like an activity, if you think it is not interesting enough for you, unfortunately, sooner or later, you will give up.

Seriously, everything can make you “fall in love”! Even a YouTube channel or a Youtuber can manage to win your trust. This person shouldn’t be someone who teaches Italian, in your case you just need someone who speaks Italian.

I have a couple of favorite Youtubers that I have been watching for years because, in my opinion, they are both competent and spontaneous!

Courage, admit it…. Who has never spent hours on Youtube on a specific channel?

I mentioned earlier that, besides people and things, you can fall in love with situations. Have you ever thought about attending evenings of language exchanges, which are now becoming increasingly popular not only in person, in big cities, but also online? It’s a great way to practice the language, meet new people with your interests, and follow your passion.

Do you agree with this sentence: if you want to learn, love what you study? What are you passionate about the Italian language, and what tools do you use to keep motivation high? I can’t wait to know what you think!


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