In today’s article called “Speak Italian with ilazed”, I am going to talk about a new podcast created for you to help you to improve your spoken Italian. Read and listen to this article, then listen to the story and try to answer the questions. Ready to finally start speaking Italian? :)

Today I’d like to talk to you about one of my new ventures, another completely free tool to help you speak Italian: my new podcast Speak Italian with Ilazed.

Why did I choose to bring about this new resource?

Well, the reason is simple. I decided to create this new podcast because I often noted that when I started giving lessons with some new students, they had already attended lessons before and had been studying grammar for 2, maybe 3 years already, but the issue, or rather, the inability to express themselves in Italian, remained.

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So, to solve this problem I decided to create a series of podcast episodes with the aim of helping all those who were experiencing this same challenge.

Towards whom is this podcast aimed?

  • Everyone who can learn through listening by making good use of their listening skills.
  • Those who are constantly on the move, and find it difficult to stay seated at a desk for one hour or more.
  • Shy people who need to be certain before speaking.
  • People who have difficulties translating their thoughts to Italian.
  • Those who want to practice but don’t have friends or who haven’t yet found a language partner with whom they feel comfortable.

Why does this podcast work?

The podcast Speak Italian with Ilazed is an excellent resource for all those who want to practice with Italians because in every episode different topics are handled, such as passions, volunteering and everyday life, to name a few. In addition, within each of these, you can practice with themes related to grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions and many more.

Moreover, it is an extremely practical podcast, in fact, the linguistic abilities that are being practiced for the most part are the following:

  1. Listening
  2. Speaking

How do we practice using these podcasts?

It’s super easy. In each new episode, you’ll hear a brief explanation about various topics such as subjects related to grammar, vocabulary, idiomatic expressions, as was already mentioned above.

Then, you’ll hear a story and some questions which are related to that same story. I’ll leave you with a bit of time to be able to answer the questions and at the end, I’ll give the correct answer.

Remember that the answer I give is only one of the possible correct answers, in fact, you all already know that to respond to a question there are so many routes you could take instead of just one.

Therefore, through this podcast, you can develop your ability to formulate sentences in Italian, and the most interesting thing is that you can do it anywhere and without feeling the pressure of someone else awaiting your answer.

In conclusion, all this is to say that whatever your level may be, you can use this new podcast to your advantage in order to improve your ability to listen to and, above all, to speak in Italian.

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