In today’s article called “Gianni Rodari”, I am going to talk about this writer, educator, and journalist.

Do you want to know why I am talking about this man? Because on October 23rd is the anniversary of his birth. So, if you want to know more about him, keep reading! :)

I love writing and I do it with passion. And teaching Italian, it is obvious that my articles focus mostly on Italian grammar, or on tips that allow you to improve your learning of this language. Sometimes, however, I prefer to talk to you about Italian culture, events or personalities that have made Italy great, especially on special occasions.

In fact, after having already told you about Alberto Manzi, the teacher of all of us Italians, and the very famous Alberto Sordi, the time has come to write a few lines about the writer Gianni Rodari

Why did I decide to write an article about him?

Since October 23rd is the anniversary of his birth, I could not refrain from telling you something about this great character.

A journalist, pedagogue, and poet, he is remembered above all for his children’s stories and nursery rhymes, which were immediately a huge success with the public and critics, so much so that he won the prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Prize, which, to be clear, is the equivalent of the Nobel Prize for children’s literature.

Rodari made imagination his weapon of choice, creating unusual and by no means banal stories, where the protagonists go against the grain, without trying to conform at all costs.

Rodari’s way of storytelling, while not usual, highlights everyday difficulties, denouncing injustices, but without ceasing to believe in the possibility of a better world.

If you want to learn more about this Italian who left his mark on the world of culture, on the website you will find lots of information which will allow you to get to know Gianni Rodari more deeply!

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