In this article, I talk about the trend of the moment: more and more Italians are getting into this virtual game, called FantaSanremo, indeed.
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February is getting closer and closer, and this month brings with it events that all Italians anticipate. Among these, we cannot fail to mention the famous Carnevale and the Sanremo Festival.

I have already talked in depth about both Carnevale (with its history and traditional masks) and Sanremo (the famous music festival).

But since Sanremo has been with us for over 70 years and is always keeping up with the times, in recent editions it has become increasingly social, attracting the attention of the younger brackets of the Italian population. FantaSanremo is also to thank for this.

What is FantaSanremo?

FantaSanremo is a game that, as its name underlines, is based on the famous Italian song festival. FantaSanremo is a virtual game created in the Marche region by a group of friends who are fans of the festival. Created simply to have fun among friends during the week of Sanremo, in a very short time it has become a national phenomenon, increasing the number of participating teams from 47 in the first edition to over 500,000 last year.

The Rules of FantaSanremo

The rules involve each player forming a team of five singers among those participating in the competition. Each of them is associated with a score based on popularity and chances of victory.

For the formation of the teams, it is possible to use FantaSanremo coins, the so-called ‘Baudi’ (named after the famous Pippo Baudo who has the record for hosting Sanremo editions).

The actual game begins with the start of the festival. The rules provide for a series of bonuses and malus (i.e. scores that are associated with actions that the artists can perform). Each action can cause players to gain or lose points, but the funniest thing is that most of the actions are bizarre and illogical, such as saying the following: “Un saluto a zia Mara!” (Greetings to Aunt Mara!) or the word “Papalina!”

So, I let you imagine the puzzlement of the audience in the auditorium and at home the first time the performers said these nonsensical things.

It was indeed hilarious!

Thoughts on FantaSanremo

FantaSanremo is the trend of the moment and has had the merit of bringing an Italian institution like this festival closer to all groups of the population.

Word of mouth, the interest of well-known personalities and the media have been fundamental in making this phenomenon explode, and this has allowed the festival to transform from pure entertainment to the entire audience being personally involved.

As for me, I will definitely participate in FantaSanremo by forming my own team. Of course, I advise you to do the same for two main reasons:

  1.   Participating is completely free.
  2.   It will allow you to immerse yourself in Italian culture.

If I have intrigued you and if you want to try your hand at this game, I’ll leave the link here so you can read the rules and register.

Also, if you want to know how my team is doing, don’t forget to follow me on Instagram where I will always try to keep you updated during the week of the Sanremo Festival and beyond!

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