In today’s article called “Labor Day in Italy”, I’ll talk about a day celebrated in Italy and in many other countries: May 1st, during which Labor Day is celebrated, or Festa Dei Lavoratori in Italian.
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When we talk about Labor Day, our minds go straight to the rights acquired by workers over time that we all need to protect and cherish. Given its importance, May 1st is celebrated not only in Italy but also in different parts of the world as “Labor Day”.


Where did Labor Day originate?

Labor Day was made official in Paris in 1890 with a large demonstration.

In reality, however, the choice of the day, May 1st precisely, was due to the massacre that took place on May 4th, 1886, in Chicago following a 3-day protest. The purpose of this protest was to demand the reduction of working hours to 8 hours.

On the subject of the length of the working day, as far back as 1855 in Australia, the following slogan was spread:

“8 hours of work, 8 hours of leisure, 8 hours of sleep”.

later taken up by the labor movement all over the world.

Labor Day in Italy

In Italy, Labor Day has been celebrated since 1891, but it is important to remember that for a period, during the Fascist twenty-year period, this holiday was brought forward to April 21st, a day that seems to correspond to the birth of Rome, that is, the day of the founding of Rome.

Beginning after World War II, however, Italians began to celebrate Labor Day again on May 1st, and for all of us, it has now become a tradition to hold the famous “concertone” that has taken place every year since 1990 in Rome’s Piazza San Giovanni.

As the word itself explains, the “concertone” is a big free concert that lasts for hours and hours, from early afternoon until late at night, organized by the main Italian labor unions: the CGL, CISL and UIL.

Every year, in addition to enjoying this musical marathon, very serious issues related to labor and current affairs are also addressed on the stage of the Labor Day’s concertone.

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