Virtual Tour of Italy translated by Alanna Quintyne

In today’s article called Virtual Tour of Italy, I am going to talk about an amazing website you can use to visit many Italian beauties.

Are you sad because you would come to Italy this summer, but you can’t? I have the right solution for you! Enjoy the beauty that Italy has to offer, from a distance, with a virtual tour.

Some of you might object by saying, “Taking a virtual tour is not the same as taking a nice walk through the ruins of Pompeii, it is not like actually tossing a coin into the Trevi fountain or admiring with our own eyes the magnificence of the city of Florence…

And I can do nothing but reply, “You are right, but as we always say: desperate times call for desperate measures. So, let’s enjoy as much as possible the beauty that is there, settling even for a virtual tour of Italian cities!

tour Meraviglie

Are you ready to start the tour?

If my introduction was persuasive enough to convince you, I would say let’s not get lost in small talk and start discussing this tour.

There are several sites online that give the opportunity to take a tour of museums and galleries, but the one that in my opinion is thought out and best designed is

On this site, various Italian cities (from the north, center and south) have been selected, of which you can visit the monuments. You will have the opportunity to pop into the most famous cities, which have always been popular destinations for tourists from all over the world, such as Rome or Venice. You can also visit smaller, lesser-known places, less popular destinations, such as Galatone or Stilo, but which are no less picturesque or interesting.

In this way you can enjoy, from the comfort of your home, many of the beauties of Italian cities.

The site is easy to use. A voice explains simply and clearly what the viewer sees, and the presence of the 3D videos allows you to completely immerse yourself in the environment and fully enjoy those beauties that cannot be admired live, at least for now!

ila firma

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