A little present for you!

Thanks so much to be part of the ilazed community!

It is so important to me receive your support and this little present is my way to tell you Grazie and Buon Natale!

Did you find the perfect Christmas gift?

My Italian classes can be a welcome gift for all the Italian lovers!

What my students say about me and my classes:

Ilaria has been my Italian language tutor for over a year now, through Skype. We began our sessions by her assessing my level, and she tailored the subsequent lessons to my needs. In addition to focusing on speaking and pronunciation during our sessions, Ilaria has taught me many Italian idioms (esspresioni idiomatiche), and useful common Italian phrases, along with various cultural aspects of life in Italy. She does a superb job of explaining grammar concepts and provides extra written materials to expand upon concepts that may not be well understood initially. Additionally, she is very receptive to working on concepts requested by each individual and does not take a one-size-fits all approach to her teaching, allowing each person to take control over what he or she wants to work on. Ilaria is very professional, friendly, and most of all, lots of fun! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her passion for teaching is present in each and every session.

Ilaria, sei bravissima!

Luis, United States

What my students say about me and my classes:

A great techer, with clear and interesting material. Focuses on the things you want or need to learn, but at the same time you get interesting facts about the country and language. We are working for over a year and I am very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend Ilaria to everyone!

Auste, Lituania

What my students say about me and my classes:

Ilaria is a most professional and knowledgeable engaging teacher. She tailored the lessons to my needs and I saw huge progress while taking lessons from her. She is also fun to talk to and this all helps in order to ease the sometimes very dry grammatical subjects. I would recommend Ilaria in any setting, whether private or professional as she is very flexbile and has a very innovative and engaging approach to language learning!
Stephanie, Austria