Small Group Classes – Conversation 


Conversation course: intermediate level / advanced level

min 3 people – max 6 people

10 lessons x 55 minutes per lesson via Skype

Time: to be discussed

Are you a small group and do you want to take conversation classes with me? Send me an email at 

I’ll be glad to answer to your questions and to solve your doubts.! :)


Conversation course: intermediate level (min 3 –  max 6 people) = 10 lessons x 60min per lesson

Before every lesson, you’ll receive a file by email about different topics (curiosity, culture, habit), gradually becoming more difficult and this reading will be the starting point for our conversation.

I’ll help you to understand the most difficult part of the text, how to express your ideas and how to better explain what you want to say. I’ll also encourage you to help your fellow students by providing them with small corrections.

During the lesson, I’ll add Italian expressions and sayings that I find appropriate for that particular context, and I’ll ask you to use them on your own.

We’ll have a lot of fun and you’ll increase your vocabulary and your Italian knowledge in natural and interactive ways!