Small group classes – Grammar


Grammar course: beginner level

min 4 people – max 8 people

10 lessons x 55 minutes per lesson

Time: to be discussed

Are you a small group and do you want to take grammar classes with me? Send me an email at

I’ll be glad to answer to your questions and to solve your doubts.! :)


Small group classes – Grammar: beginner level/intermediate level (min 3 –  max 6 people) = 10 lessons x 55 min per lesson

In my grammar course you’ll find a more structured lesson and every day we’ll explain a particular grammar topic, starting of course from the basics. The length of the class is 90 minutes because I want all my students to have enough time to understand what I’ll explain, ask questions, interact with me and with all the other students and start building a solid Italian foundation.

Before every lesson, I’ll provide you with all the material you need. You can read it online or print it if you prefer. In these materials, you’ll find an explanation of Italian grammar in English, exercises, dialogues, lists of words to memorize, and everything you need to improve your Italian skills as quickly as possible.